Tuesday, September 25, 2007

bubbles and butts

childhood is full of wonders that we adults just lose sight of and forget. like how much fun it is to pile in a warm tub with as many butt cheeks as possible and load up on the bubbles and cups and squeak toys. where else can you get nekkid with your cousins, sisters, neighbors, friends, whoever, who cares?!?! come on in the water is fine! i think they need to make bigger bath tubs so we can pile in too! MUCH BIGGER. so go grab a friend and some Mr. Bubble

nona tryingout a rad mohawk
or perhaps she is a unicorn

kellen playing a great rendition of wild thing on the "butt bongos"

casey and gwen and the fine art of bubble beards

" i like big butts and i cannot lie"

tea anyone?

1 comment:

Nana said...

LOL..those are great...and the commentary had me giggling!! Thanks