Saturday, March 31, 2018

last day of eleven

11 was a big year sweet girl.
things i want to remember about 11...

  • you taught yourself how to play the ukulele by watching youtube tutorials
  • did your dance makeup all by yourself, first time applying mascara
  • first time in NYC. saw Cats on Broadway, kicked like a rockette,went to the Top of the Rock, central park, and so much more. then returned a second time for Comic Con.
  • always had your nose in a book (harry potter, secret garden, underland chronicles to name a few)
  • read the entire Harry Potter series in one summer
  • went away for 5 whole days to sleep away camp at Kieve with your whole 6th grade class. i missed you like crazy! while there you did SO many amazing things: climbed high into the tree tops and repelled down, made it to the top of the climbing wall.
  • started advanced science and english courses this year which you enjoy
  • shaved part of your head! :)
  • love ALL things anime, kawaii, and Japanese, even taught yourself how to count to 10 in Japanese 
  • you've become obsessed with Sailor Moon, the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (jonathan is your fave) ,  funny memes and ALL THINGS SLIME! glitter slime, fluffy slime, clear slime, crunchy slime, cloud slime...
  • you have your own made up words that make me laugh, like moother, merm, schnazzy, ececucame, furrfurr to name a few
  • always wearing your fun fake 🤓 glasses, cool pins, overalls, and harry potter socks.
  • danced in several ceilis.
  • ice skated for the first time ever and really liked it, so much so you went again 
  • saw Michael Franti in concert 
  • really got into watching the winter olympics 
  • play the alto sax in concert band, and tenor sax in jazz band.
  • were chosen to perform in the 6th grade honors band.
  • love being involved; civil rights club, student council, band, and lots of fun with your friends. 
  • maybe the biggest milestone this year, you became an AUNT to "tiny child" Harrison. you adore him.
happy almost birthday to you casey shea.
you keep on being the fun, silly, smart, outgoing, strong girl you are. looking forward to 12.



DebbieInGeorgia said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I know you will rock 12!!

chris said...

Beautiful photos, how time flies! My son has about 3 weeks left:)

chris said...

Great set of photographs!

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