Saturday, May 16, 2020

last day of 15 ... in the time of covid

fifteen was...

  • your first summer job. you worked really hard and then built your own PC with your earnings.
  • you ran cross country and track. set a new school record with your relay team and shaved 3 minutes off your cross country time from last season.
  • you and your friends started making 🎥 movies. filmed a great production of IT and had a movie screening night with all your friends. 
  • started your sophomore year. really liked your courses and teachers.
  • covid hit. school stopped. socializing stopped. a new very different life began.
  • still play your trumpet. we love going to your concerts.
  • got to watch a real live movie production of Someday Summer and were asked to be an extra in the film!
  • represented your school at a student athlete conference.
  • cheered on Bernie again. and sad to see him leave the race again.
  • played lots of fortnite.
  • watched LOTS of movies with your friends.
fifteen was a year full of good memories and ending in this strange time of pandemic and social distancing. i hope you can get back to doing all the things you love and being with your friends soon. know we are so proud of you and can't wait to see what sixteen has in store for you.(driving!!!!)

love you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

last day of 13

what i want to remember about 13:

  • short hair / to green hair / to longer curly purple hair / back to shaved head
  • doc martens with rainbow laces 
  • knee high tube socks
  • hoodies all day every day 
  • first pair of prescription 👓 glasses (purple frames of course)
  • attended our first pride parade 🏳️‍🌈 
  • teaching yourself how to play the ukulele 
  • sax solos in jazz band
  • leadership school at camp kieve last april and this february 
  • got the part of diana in your school production of anne of green gables
  • went vegetarian 
  • ramen and thai milk tea with mango pop
  • making bead bracelets 
  • sewed your first quilt 
  • discovered you prefer lakes to the ocean
  • love to sit in your room on your phone watching videos with your headphones on.
  • favorite things: band~BTS, book & movie ~Call Me by Your Name, color~purple, food~ramen, favorite game~animal crossing, favorite animal~ frogs & snails, song ~ mikrokosmos, favorite flavor ice cream-chunky monkey

Saturday, March 31, 2018

last day of eleven

11 was a big year sweet girl.
things i want to remember about 11...

  • you taught yourself how to play the ukulele by watching youtube tutorials
  • did your dance makeup all by yourself, first time applying mascara
  • first time in NYC. saw Cats on Broadway, kicked like a rockette,went to the Top of the Rock, central park, and so much more. then returned a second time for Comic Con.
  • always had your nose in a book (harry potter, secret garden, underland chronicles to name a few)
  • read the entire Harry Potter series in one summer
  • went away for 5 whole days to sleep away camp at Kieve with your whole 6th grade class. i missed you like crazy! while there you did SO many amazing things: climbed high into the tree tops and repelled down, made it to the top of the climbing wall.
  • started advanced science and english courses this year which you enjoy
  • shaved part of your head! :)
  • love ALL things anime, kawaii, and Japanese, even taught yourself how to count to 10 in Japanese 
  • you've become obsessed with Sailor Moon, the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (jonathan is your fave) ,  funny memes and ALL THINGS SLIME! glitter slime, fluffy slime, clear slime, crunchy slime, cloud slime...
  • you have your own made up words that make me laugh, like moother, merm, schnazzy, ececucame, furrfurr to name a few
  • always wearing your fun fake 🤓 glasses, cool pins, overalls, and harry potter socks.
  • danced in several ceilis.
  • ice skated for the first time ever and really liked it, so much so you went again 
  • saw Michael Franti in concert 
  • really got into watching the winter olympics 
  • play the alto sax in concert band, and tenor sax in jazz band.
  • were chosen to perform in the 6th grade honors band.
  • love being involved; civil rights club, student council, band, and lots of fun with your friends. 
  • maybe the biggest milestone this year, you became an AUNT to "tiny child" Harrison. you adore him.
happy almost birthday to you casey shea.
you keep on being the fun, silly, smart, outgoing, strong girl you are. looking forward to 12.


Sunday, November 06, 2016


Halloween 2016 brought to you by Chewbacca and Pikachu :)
I'm so glad they still enjoy dressing up and having fun.
I must admit this was the easiest halloween by far. I sewed nothing.
They both chose these soft zip up pj's to wear.
Kellen already had the mask from his last birthday.
Casey just needed a Pokeball. After searching for one with no luck,
we decided to paint her plastic pumpkin instead.  Instant pokeball.

A fun safe night was had with their buddies.
Bonus, no rain! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

what i want to remember about 11

birthday eve is upon us.
my boy's last day of 11.
i think this year flashed by quicker than most. not sure if it's just how acutely i feel he is growing up, no longer a little boy, but a young man. right on the cusp of puberty. i'm sure this year ahead will bring a changing voice, and the year he grows taller than me. i will forever miss the tiny chubby boy with the big round noggin and sweet blonde curls, but now i get to know the young man growing before me, and of course that is a gift in a new lanky package.

11 was...
  • the year of star wars. the new movie and the deepened love of all things star wars. the year you built the lego millennium falcon and Poe's x-wing jet.
  • the year you went away from home for a full week with your fellow 6th graders to Camp Kieve where you climbed rock walls, lip synced with your buddies, ate lots of food and experienced so many cool things all on your own. (that was HUGE on my momma heart)
  • the year you continued to grow in your soccer game, becoming one of your team's lead goal scorers. also the year your dadda helped coach your team. making it an extra special season for you both.
  • you really blossomed as a trumpet player. leaps and bounds from your beginning last year. 
  • were chosen for district band.
  • the year you and your sister stopped sharing a bedroom and created solo spaces all your own.
  • got a new big queen bed to sleep in
  • dressed as a really awesome scarecrow for halloween
  • like playing video games, TF2 was a big fave this year 
  • continued to draw some great art. big nate style is still your favorite.
  • your favorite books are The Land of Stories series
  • your favorite music is movie soundtracks, like Star Wars and The Batman vs Superman soundtrack
  • you love to hang out with your buddies.
  • love to play with Harper.
  • LOVE comic books
  • became really interested in the presidential election, especially in Bernie Sanders, even attended a rally here in Maine and got to see him speak. you did a report on him for English class and even dressed up like him that day.
  • and you are still the best beach bum i know. 
eleven was full of goodness, just like you.
my wish is that you keep your sweetness. I know that can be tough in a world that doesn't always value gentle kindhearted boys. i promise to continue to remind you that that's what makes you you and we all are so much better knowing you. the world is better with you in it.

happy birthday eve my sweet boy.

Monday, April 11, 2016

what i want to remember about nine

what i want to remember about nine:
  • the year you taught yourself how to do a handstand and a one handed cartwheel 
  • the year you won "most promising dancer" award at your dance school
  • the year you found out you definitely had allergies, no cats or bee stings for you
  • you requested Totoro on your jack-o-lantern
  • you moved up to the advanced Irish step class and tried hard shoes for the first time ever
  • we took our first ever trip to Maratha's Vineyard as a family where you dug clams and actually ate one!
  • you won a bike at school, but then re-donated it to another student because you already had a bike and wanted someone else who needed it more to have the new one
  • you mastered your new snow tube
  • you gave harper thousands of kisses
  • you started middle school (!!!)
  • your great teachers were Mrs Lees for 3rd grade (i think a big fave of yours) and now Mrs Allen for 4th
  • you are an AVID reader
  • you still collect all things tiny.  right now, heavy on the shopkins :)
  • your favorite things: writing, mac n cheese, chicken caesar salads, the color yellow, the song "America's Sweetheart", playing outside, your best buddies kailee and charlotte, dancing, favorite puppy, sleeping in, and laughing 
NINE was mighty fine!
i admire your spunk, your spirit, your brain, your physical strength in that amazing tiny body of yours, your smile that lights up a room, your sense of humor, your kindness.

LOVE you kiddo!