Wednesday, October 25, 2006


a new language to most, yes, but not to my 2 year old. He makes perfect sense... to himself! i love his funny phrases! and no matter how many times i correct him , he says them right back to me the same way he did, as if to say "duh momma that IS what i said!"

zinins = raisins
orgent = orange
eatasore = dinosaur
Pee Vee = T.V.
fanks = thanks

and my new favorite.....

wash disher = dishwasher

LOVE IT! keep on talkin little man , we are a listening.


Amy said...

You are forgetting one of the most important Kellenisms:
Happy Birthday = Cake

Kristin said...

oh yes and that reminds me of another one...

cancakes= pancakes

Eve said...

I cannot get "orgent eatasore" out of my head... SO stinking CUTE!!!