Monday, October 23, 2006

What's in a name???

I must put a shout out to all who helped me come up with my blog name. I was feeling very uncreative so put a call out to some of my friends for suggestions. My hubby could think of nothing that did not refer to one body part or another of mine. Either he is just a pig or loves me so, you decide... (or both) Many good suggestions were recieved but some just leaned in the way of accidental porn hits from google searches. For example.... NORTHERN EXPOSURES....(hmmm esposing what exactly???) SEXY MOMMA...HOT MOMMA.....and my all time favorite suggestion....HUGGABLE BOOBS !!! making reference of course to my hubby's blog, Huggable Bread. (thanks Mike) All of these appreciated but this is to be a family blog so had to decline all of the above mentioned names and settling on Maine Momma... This name was suggested seperately but in 2 emails from my best friends Jen and Amy. Maine of course because I now live in the beautiful state or Maine, and Momma since that has been my given nickname for years now by my best friend, Jen. I can't remember the last time she actually used my birth name of Kristin...Amy even said because I am the "main momma! " (thanks amy) So thank you to all!!! xo momma

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