Monday, November 06, 2006

I heart goodwill

Anyone who knows me knows i love a bargain! the cheaper the better. i learned the fine art of dumpster diving from my frugal mom. trash on the side of the road is not safe with me around. (much to the chagrin of my husband) one of my very favorite times of year is spring clean up when everyone goes through their unwanted things and piles them generously on the curb for me and other fellow treasure hunters to pick through.... well along with that comes the love of a good consignment shop and thrift store. my awesome friend amy and i had a gem of a children's consignment shop in PA, Nothing's New right off Lancaster Ave. LOVED it there!!! spent a lot of money there and made alot of money there by handing in my own items for sale... highly recommend it for anyone in that area. but now i am here in Maine, far away from my favorite store and my bargain buddy amy. Thrift stores are great, especially for moms on a budget with kids that grow on a daily basis, but Goodwill stores are awesome. not only do they feed my need for bargains, but they gainfully employ workers who would otherwise find it difficult to find a job. so it is a win win place to me and a place i like to support by spending my money there... We used to have an awesome Goodwill right near Jason's old office in S Portland. I drove up there a few weeks ago and it was gone! replaced by some shiny new music store. :(((( don't get me wrong, i love music, but I loved that Goodwill even a little more because it received overstocks from LL BEAN! undamaged goods right from LL Bean for CHEAP! (big yeah) So now you understand my pain when i saw it was gone.

last night taylor and i went winter coat shopping. i cannot keep this girl in clothes. she grows by the day, maybe minute. if you had not noticed by some of my recent pictures she is now taller than me and well on her way to catching her dad. last year's coat, which i mistakenly thought would be this year's coat, barely zips. so off we went to burlington coat factory. found 2! so this winter she is all set. on our way home i remembered a small goodwill in the town of biddeford, thought why not stop in. to my delight they had LL Bean overstocks!!!!!!!!!!! i got a pair of leather LL Bean boots for what i thought was $5.99. (BARGAIN) but got up to the check out and to my surprise they were half off! oh happy day. also found a snow suit for Casey that was 99 cents but it too was half price yesterday ! yes 49 CENTS! so now i can get my fix of cheap and fix of LL Bean in 1 convenient stop. i heart goodwill!


Amy said...

Treasure shopping is not the same without you. I'm so happy you found the L.L Bean overstock and a place you can frequent for fun! Show us the shoes!

Reen said...

You are taking me there next weekend!