Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Momma Scissorhands

Ok I did it, yes me , all me. My son has Beautiful blonde curls ( yes Beautiful with a capital B!) but he was starting to look a little too much like Art Garfunkel. (sorry Art) So after much thought I broke out the clippers. I did not want to rid him of his curls, but rather tame them a bit. I was very careful not to take too much, and like a good mommy i bagged up the clippings to put in his keepsake box, so when he is grown he can pull it out and think, "why the heck did my mom save this??!!! weirdo!"


Amy said...

He could also say "I can't believe she let me walk around lookik like curly bear!"

Nana said...

Just as a side note to those unaware...Kellen's daddy had/could have beautiful curls..those are a tad missed by me but how handsome two of my special guys are -son and grandson! :-)