Tuesday, November 21, 2006

thank you Mitch, love "Nana"

Well Mitch and his new mommy, taylor, have left for school this morning. When Taylor first brought the "real baby" home she thought it was cool. he didn't cry , she took him out for a long walk, he still didn't cry, we were starting to think the baby didn't work. just to make sure jason lifted mitch unsupported and bingo he cried! and cried, and cried! taylor was MAD. so from that point on mitch was a "real baby" and fussed and wanted something all the time til about 10 pm. you should have seen taylor! huff and puff and sigh and even cry a little at one point because she was so frustrated. i'd say mission acccomplished mitch! taylor had to write an essay on how it made her feel and what troubles she had. she used words like frustrated, hard , tired, and my back hurt from carrying him around. hmmmmm sounds very familiar to me! mitch finaly gave her a break around 10pm and did sleep til 4am. (casey needs to take notes there!!!!!) when he woke he needed a diaper change and bottle. so taylor overslept, didn't shower, just ran a toothbrush over her teeth, and left for school. yes she lives in this house, and yes she SEES what we do all day with kellen and casey, but to be the one person to have to care for and carry around a crying baby made an impact on her. will she appreciate what i do all day now??? probably not, teenagers don't appreciate much, but at least she got a taste of the real world and maybe, just maybe, she won't think being a young mom is cool or neat. let's hope!!!!

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