Sunday, November 19, 2006


This weekend has had many good things. most of all a visit from my mom (aka nanny)... So far we have gone out to Taylor's favorite little japanese place for a hibatchi dinner, walked the mall, walked the beach, looked at houses, visited Wal-mart (of course) for my mom, played games, had our early Thanksgiving dinner together, thanks to a turkey who traveled all the way from Pennsylvania with my mom and great potato fillilng that only my mom can make, then a yummy apple pie made by Jason......but the "Maine" event was "WOBSPERS" as kellen would say, or as we all know them, lobsters...not to make anyone jelaous BUT we bought said lobsters for less than a pound of deli turkey!!! yes $4.99 a pound! so at that price we each had 2! here are some pictures of our fun together. Nanny leaves tomorrow morning and we all will miss her very much, but are very thankful she was able to visit you nanny!!!!!!!!

sorry lobsters, you sure were tasty

Bayley is not so sure about her new "friend????"

nanny and kellen taking a stroll

golden brown turkey....mmmmmm!
"healthy" serving of tryptophan and half a glass of wine and i was almost unconscious! and you all know what i mean by healthy, not in the good for you sense but as in 2 maybe 3 plates. :)))))

Casey after her wine and turkey


amy said...

All my favorite things, good friends/family, and good food. Wish I were there. Looks like you had a great visit.
xo Amy

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