Monday, December 18, 2006

weeeeee wooooooo!

Kellen and daddy got an up close look at our local firetrucks this weekend. OOB Fire Dept. had a car wash fundraiser on sat. So while the car got clean, Kellen got a tour of the firehouse and trucks. not much cooler than that, except maybe if the train station had a car wash as well. i think the train trumps the weee-wooo in kellen's eyes, but he still loves the weee-wooos! right before all that fun daddy and kellen got to got to a Polar Express party hosted by our library. A trian historian from Kennebunk came to OOB to read the kids the story and then make crafts. Kellen made his very own Christmas wreath out of a pipecleaner and beads. i am SO proud. it is beautiful! if you look close in the pictures he is holding his masterpiece tight in his little hands...

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Nana said...

Hey look pretty sharp with your new "toy"...that is the biggest Tonka truck I have ever seen.

I love you :-)

P.S. Proud of that Vermonter plaid you are wearing too!!