Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year!

2006 was very good to our family. a quick look at our many blessings...

new family, welcome casey shea

brand new friends

new beginnings

good times with great friends and family

we can only hope that 2007 holds such promise to us as well. Happy New Year!


Reen said...

Thanks for counting us as one of your blessings! We're glad to have gotten to know you better too! When are you coming to visit?

Nana said...

As I look at you all it makes me proud of the years I have lived and the blessings of family..I pray that 2007 will bring an increased closeness and all can enjoy peace in their hearts as we all weather this chaotic world with its challenges....it takes a loving, connected family to survive..and family does include loving loyal friends. You are mightily blessed. Hugs and kisses to my bambinos...T,K,and C.