Monday, February 19, 2007

come on ride the train, choo choo ride! wooo- wooo

yes that is right, out twice in one weekend! we are just crazy like that... this time we took a trip to the Portland Railroad Museum for Kellen. he is all about the trains right now!!! anything and everything that goes choo-choo rocks in his book! he has a few Thomas collectable train figures, a Thomas coloring book, a Thomas pillowcase, you get the picture. (yes he has an obsession other than Superman.) this obsession began with our move here to Old Orchard. we have an Amtrak train station right in town and the trains run a lot! much to my dismay, since it seems to wait right for the very moment i am trying to put him in for a nap or in for the night, "WOOOOO!!!WOOOOO!!!! " when the weather was bareable we would walk to the park right where the station is and he would get his fix of the trains going by, but now with the bitter cold, he has to settle for just hearing them thoughout the day. so this trip was great for him, got to see some grand old train cars, an actual working train, and yes, a huge dispaly of Thomas toys for the little kids to play with. Kellen did not want to leave! so "ALL ABOARD!"

daddy and kellen riding the train

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