Wednesday, February 21, 2007

if i am dreaming, please don't wake me!

I know, I know you are thinking "the weather? really? is she really going to blog about the weather?" well heck YES! I guess we were supposed to consider oursleves SO fortunate that winter was a late bloomer this year. and yes i even walked on the beach, in Maine, in January, in nothing more than a long sleeve shirt. but i knew we would pay, and pay dearly we have! it truly seems like forever since we have seen anything close to the freezing mark here, and with the winds off the coast, well to put it lightly, BRRRRRR! truly inhumanely cold. so today when warming up the van for a trip out this is what i see....43 degrees...really??? someone pinch me, no wait don't! just let me take in the warmth. ahhhhhhhh

my big boy in his big boy ball cap

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