Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend singletons

Jen with "Mo, Larry and Curly "

my beautiful friend jen came for a visit this weekend. left her hubby to take his own little jaunt and flew up to the tundra to spend some time with us all. picked her up at the airport on friday and hung out with the fam that whole day and night. ate leftover birthday cake and even serenaded jason one last time for his loved seeing aunt jen (aka aunt crazy) and getting lots of hugs and kisses and coloring time with her. i am not the only one who misses her dearly.... then saturday she took a 5 mile morning hike in the sub zero weather, along the beach no less, so i was lucky to retrieve her at all and have a girls night out. she only suffered minor facial frostbite. (hence the name aunt crazy!) so the 2 old married ladies hit the town...we restaurant hopped, highly recommend this. couldn't really decide on 1 particular place to go, so went to 3! took in Gilbert's Chowder House for what else, chowdah! (oh yeah and vino) then we bundled back up and walked up to The Pepperclub for what we thought would be dinner. (and vino, seeing a trend?) but the appetizers and wine were looking so good we started with that. sampling 2 selections we liked best. by the time we were done with the apps we were "full". meaning we KNEW we wanted dessert so decided to stop there and walk to Fore St. (my favorite) and have some world famous chocolate souffle and coffee (and maybe a drink other than coffee....) place was busy but we got a seat in the lounge. jen loved the place. cool exposed brick and beams, poured concrete bar, totally open kitchen so you could watch all the action and trendy waiters all looking great in their blue jeans and crisp white button down shirts and long white aprons.. if i were ever to open a resaurant this would be the uniform there... oh yeah did i happen to mention Chris??? Chris, the delicious young bartender, Chris? nice eye candy for 2 old gals out for the night. very nice... unfortunately for us, but maybe lucky for Chris, the bar was full so we had to oggle him from afar... and when we finally got around to ordering our much anticipated chocolate souffle, they were all out! "uh , excuse me? out?!?!?!?! " (insert deep sad sigh) oh well they had lots of others that tickled our fancy. ordered 2 of those and split those as well...then wandered our way back up town to the parking garage for the drive home. it was FUN. a special treat for a mom like me. if we could have snuck in some dancing there i might have been down right delirious, but we ran out of time , it was 11:30pm already and we are old. :) ok i am , and she is just nice to me.... then sunday came and had breakfast out, then visit with the kiddies and then back on the road for the drive back to NH and the airport. it went WAY too fast, but it was great. thanks jen for coming all this wya and making my weekend! love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Momma-your blog's not supposed to make me cry! I had such a great weekend with you and your beautiful tribe-which is awesome, but it just makes it hurt all over again to miss you all! But you're all sooo worth it! I'll come back soon for another dose of my favorite people and soak up some more to hold me over again. Thanks fo rthe nice write up and for listening to all my same old stories for all these years-no wonder you're such a good mom-you have the patience of a saint:)) Love you-Jen