Tuesday, March 27, 2007

feeling a little "normal"

last night we moved Taylor's mattress down to the finished basement. ( had to add "finished" there so noone thinks i have taylor down in a cold cement basement or better yet, a dirt floor basement) put Kellen to bed after 3 trips out of his room for a bit of wandering, and casey was already asleep. Jason rented the new Rocky movie and we sat on the couch like a "normal" family and watched an entire movie! again , a WHOLE movie!!! no interruptions. ahhhhhhhhh. the movie was even good. back to the old school roots of the original Rocky movie, so thank you Sly for helping erase a few of the ever so cheesy moments of rocky 3, 4 & 5. also fun to watch any movie where you recognize the scenery, and of course this was in Philly. even got a glimpse of Pat's Cheese Steaks.... then after the movie, 1 last diaper change for casey and a bottle and back to bed for her and Jason and I crawled into our bed and slept another FULL night! so lightning does strike twice?!?! Casey woke at 7, and Kellen after her at about 7:30. again coming out of his room beaming "momma I all done!" i am feeling quite spoiled after 3 years of restless and sleepless nights this feels like royalty. LOOOOVE IT! (shout out to A.P.) and special thanks to all those who have been wishing this for us all for so long now, love you.

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