Thursday, March 29, 2007

life's a beach

just back, cheeks flushed from a brisk walk. We no longer live walking distance to the beach itself, but just a hop in the car and you are there. Winter (though a late starter) seems to be dragging its corpse on and on this last month... and it is making me brain weary and bone weary. i do not do well indoors for too long. i do not do well with gray skies either. i crave sun and warmth, somedays i feel like i am part plant yearning for the sun. like my body requires it like photosynthesis. but no, I am not a plant, just a mortal suffering the effects of the winter blues. days past when i got this way i would go get highlights, or acrylic nails, something too shiny and too expensive for me these days. and though the fix would bring a temporary high, in a week or so i would return to the blahs but now with high maintenance hair or good! no time for high maintenance ANYTHING these days. we (kellen, casey,& I) were sitting indoors again today, listening to the wind and seeing the sun, snow still has a foothold on parts of the lawn thinking another day indoors, ick! so eventhough it looked colder and windier than i would like we took the plunge. coats and hats on we drove to the main drag of OOB, strapped into the doublestroller and hoofed it down to the ocean. winter has a bleakness in a coastal town, more so than a suburban neighborhood. streets are empty, shops all closed and most boarded up, looks dirty and desserted, not a homey feel at all. but today it looked like the town was breathing again. signs of life peeping out here and there. store fronts being freshly painted, the carnies arriving and setting up Funland, even a sign in the candy store saying open March 30th for free candy tasting all day! free is nice, but the word OPEN is nicer!!! this means the tourists will be here soon, slowly trickling into town and bringing with them speedos,noise, traffic and summertime. i say BRING IT ON! i am more than ready. today made me remember, hey pouty, selfabsorbed scrooge , YOU LIVE AT THE BEACH! enjoy it. so thank you sunfilled, brisk walk, i feel better. i can now feel winter losing its grip a bit. but next time i must remember gloves, it may be springtime, but it is still Maine!

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