Sunday, March 04, 2007

my nemesis paint chips

paint! a real love hate relationship we have... i love it when it is done, but hate the whole process to get there. picking a color and painting and then disliking what you picked and wanting to repick and repaint...the struggle just goes on and on. why do colors look so "perfect" in the store and then you spend 4 hours carefully applying 2 coats of your glorious color only to think it now resembles a nice shade of baby poop? is this some cruel joke? some trick of the universe? i guess i will never know, but it happens to me all the time. so maybe my answer is to be banned from picking colors altogether and leave that to someone else!

well here are some pics of my slow and arduous process... kellen and casey will be sharing a room for the next 4 years so wanted something sunny and bright and unisex. so yellow it is. oh yeah and 1 blue wall which will soon be painted with stars. note to anyone out in the blogosphere that may want to paint a dark blue wall, beware!!! it took a good 3 coats to get even color. i guess it is like painting a bright red wall that i have always wanted to try as well but always chicken out at the last minute, but then again (as mentioned above)i should probably be banned from these choices for my own good!

then there is taylor's room, she first picked a crazy bedspread with greens and pinks and purples all in a swirly lava lamped inspired print, so picking her colors was just a matter of matching the spread to a paint chip. check her room off my list as well.

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Reen said...

Bravo...look forward to seeing them in person. xoxo