Friday, March 23, 2007

not so good

Well yesterday i broke down Kellen's crib to a day bed. This worked like a charm at naptime, he slept like a pro and even called for me when he woke, all without getting out of his new bed... but then came night, and well like the title, not so good. my first, and very large mistake was that i had forgotten his purple (aka blanket) was in the washer so it was wet at "bedtime". I quickly put it on super hot dry and continued with the bedtime rituals. but he was not having it, something was amiss in his world and he knew it! so unsurprisingly when i closed his door and said "goodnight" he knew it was NOT, and quickly opened his door and came looking for me and anyone who would give him his purple.. so i laid down on the floor next to his day bed while purple tumbled in the dryer. once retrieved from dryer we tried again, tucked in, music on, 2 toy trains cars to sleep with, and yes, purple. closed door.......opened door. :( this went on for a few more times. adding to the frustration of sleep struggles, our youngest Casey still will not sleep through the night. she woke at 2 and then again at 6. at 6, when i attempted to crawl back to my room and catch another hour or so of sleep, I was greeted by Kellen in his superman pj's sitting on my bedroom floor. :( so this big bed stuff stinks! i may not make the rest of the week without putting the crib rails back on. why is it when you are a kid you do not want to sleep, when now i would give my right arm for it???!!!

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