Friday, March 16, 2007

UNbelievable !!!!!

truly, no other word. casey was the proud owner and wearer of new sneakers for less than 24 hours. yes that is right folks, just got back from running to a store to look for an area rug for our living room. casey kicked 1 sneaker off while we were in the store. i saw it fall and picked it up, but not carrying a purse or the diaper bag at the time, i threw it in the cart section where kellen was sitting. figured i would finish my shopping and put in on when we got to the car. silly momma! (as kellen likes to say) we got to the checkout (without a rug) and noticed said sneaker was missing from the cart. searched all through the aisles we had journeyed, no sneaker! so had to leave the store, no rug, 1 less brand new sneaker, hungry and mad at myself. so word to all moms out there - do not buy expensive shoes for babies- they grow out of them in weeks and if you hand them to a 2 year old, or anywhere near a 2 year old, you will lose them.

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Nana said...

Silly NEVER toss anything throwable to a toddler unless you are all set to play catch yourself...I can just see him giving that sneaker a good heave-ho....where is Superman when you really need him?? ;-)