Monday, April 30, 2007

somethings catch my breath

you grow up and have kids of your own and hope with all hope that you are doing right by them. most days you think "NOPE! failure, definitely NOT doing enough here." but some days you get a glimpse of sweetness that makes you smile and think" ok that kid is mine, i must be doing something right." lately i get alot more of the failure feelings, having a teenage girl now dwelling (sulking) in our home. and then also a 2 (soon to be 3 )year old as well. i remember fondly the pre 2 time of sweetness and light. now replaced with the tantrums that come along with wanting and trying to be more independent. added to this , adjusting to life not as the baby of the family . begrudgingly having to learn how to share with his baby sister and "be nice" to her. all of this can make for some hard times, but my little boy can surprise me . this weekend was a visit from his Nana Linda. She brought him a new Spiderman Potato Head toy. He liked it and played with it that first day. then went about his business of choo-choos. the next day when Nana was saying her goodbyes , Kellen hugged her and kissed her, said "i love you" ... just as she was turning away he pulls out (in his best 2 year old speech) "fank you my spiderman." totally unprompted! he wasn't even playing with it the entire morning, but he remembered, and he said thank you. all on his own. what a big sweet boy! these moments make me smile with pride and love and think ok i must be doing some things right.

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Pumpkinmama said...

Awesome! I love those moments. You should be proud!