Sunday, April 22, 2007

spring fling

Just returned from a weeklong trip to my hometown PA. First took a side trip to MA to pick up some passengers for our trip, Maureen and Andrew. Spent a night there and then headed for PA. When we left Maine we still had a foot of snow and a forboding forecast for the weekend, so I was happy to be heading south in hopes of a little sun and warm weather. As soon as we crossed over the NH border it was clear that we were the only state with snow on our journey. Even smelled a bit springlike in MA on Saturday morning and saw a few crocuses in bloom there. Our trip down was trying to say the very least! For some unknown reason my 2 wee ones refuse to sleep on long drives. they fight it til they are delirious and making everyone else in the car crazy right along with them! Poor Maureen and Andrew had no idea they signed up for the traveling circus! (sorry guys) Baby Andrew was so good i would have sworn we left him at the McDonalds in CT! We had a mission for our trip, a surprise birthday/ happy new pregnancy party for my great friend Amy. Maureen is her sister in law, and a new great friend of mine,. she was the surprise part, since Amy knew i and my crew were coming to PA, but knew nothing of Maureen and her nephew Andrew joining us. Despite the efforts of my little ones, we did actually make it to PA. Maureen's hubby took a nice picture of us heading out form MA in the morning. We all look full of smiles and promise. If someone had taken our picture at the end of our drive it would have been a MUCH different picture! but that part behind us we got onto the good stuff of visits.

Sunday was a day of rest from the car, since the thought of crawling back into one almost made me want to admit myself into the closest mental ward. Mike, Amy and Nona joined us at Jen and Dewey's house for a nice lunch and play day. HAd cake for Amy and great reunions of the little ones. (Amy is still in the dark of what is to come on Monday when we all go out for "dinner")

Monday comes and so much for my hopes of spring, my snow curse followed me and we wake to a dusting of snow in PA in April! more than unusual, freakish. visit Lititz where i have to leave early to take my baby to the doctor for terrible diaper rash, probably induced by our terrible drive down. stress rash! that handled, I take my 3 kids to my dad and step mom's and off to "dinner" i go. we all beat Amy there (barely thanks to me) so Maureen and their other sister in law (also preggers), Becky, take a seat in the restaurant and Jen and I wait for Amy in the lobby. We walk her to the table where she spots her surprise girls and well let's just say she was very happy and touched, just what we ALL wanted. Had an AWESOME night. Great food, lots of laughs, some presents,a fun bunch of ladies (sans kids and hubbies) letting off some steam and having a lot of fun! it was really great! i know it was a party for Amy, but it felt like a party for all of us. unfortunatley my usual obssessive picture taking was derailed by a faulty camera that night. luckily jen brought hers so i still got pics. those to come later.....

the rest of the week is a blur of car rides and visits.... here is a condensed to my granny's, drive to my sister in law's, play with cousins,drive to my old neighbors's house to visit sweet Jane and Helen, drive to dinner with my aunt and uncle and my dad and step mom, drive to Lititz walk to park, eat subway, drive to my dad's, visit with Reen and Andrew and Amy and Nona, go to a park with jen, so many many miles logged and many many good times had. by the end of the week it was a beautiful warm day. lots of sunshine outside ,and in, with all the good times we had. it was exhausting but in a good way. the kids got lots of cuddles and hugs and laughs. watched LOTS of Thomas and Polar Express (sorry jen and dewey) Kellen even got a shiner by falling down some of jen's steps, but his tears were quickly forgotten and he was right back at it playing choo-choos.

then a few quick visits on Saturday and back in the van and the traveling circus returned to MA safely, returning Maureen and Andrew to Mark, and then onto ME today where we will park it for awhile. Daddy was waiting with freshly baked bread and a really spruced up back yard / playground for us.

So thank you ,thank you, thank you to everyone! we miss all the chaos already. it will seem so very quiet this week. but i will sit with my memories for weeks to come. love you all, xo K

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