Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a long time ago, far far away... taylor's birthstory

i failed to blog on Taylor's birthday the events of her actual birth. I have done this for Casey(1) and Kellen (3), so in all fairness need to do so for Taylor as well. This blog is mainly for them. For most days i can't remember what i had for lunch let alone what we did in March. So this blog is an online journal so to speak. something for them when they are all older that they can read and that i may reread and remember.

so Taylor Renne (Seidel) now Zecchinelli , was born May 28th at 6:40 am @ Mease Hospital, Tampa Florida. Yes Taylor is a "cracker" as true Floridians are often called.

*** a little backstory here***
I was 20 years YOUNG, living in the "sunshine state", working as a waitress ,dating a guy from church.(yep that is right, church) me and said "guy" got engaged, and yes had premariatl sex. SHHHHHH don't tell my mom. (HA!) well he being 21 and I being 20 discovered a bit too late that we were not meant to be together in marriage and i was already "knocked up". so our relationship ended in november when our wedding was to be december 31st, and our baby was due May 28th. (note here : Taylor was prompt at birth, she was actually born ON her due date!) now don't get me wrong, just because i wasn't going to marry said "guy" i did fully expect his participation in the birth and subsequent life of his daughter. but this too was not meant to be. he went his way and began living the lie of a life he still lives to this day. (bitter?? still?? yeah a bit) so from this point on he was no longer a "guy" but rather a sperm donor since that is all he contributed.

so single and too young, i "prepared" for motherhood. did I read books? no. did i watch informative tv? no. i worked and went to the clinic (oh yeah did i forget to mention i was uninsured as well? BRILLIANT!) and bought baby stuff. that was my preparation. oh wait i forgot i did take "natural" child birth classes with my very dear friend, James, from work. (we waited tables together at the Olive Garden in New Port Richey, FL) my mom was there, but did not want to be my "coach" since she did not know how she would react seeing me in any sort of pain. she had an emergency C-section delievring me and was knocked out cold for the whole procedure since she had prolapsed her cord. then add to that , me being her only child and only birth, so she was nervous to say the least. supportive, but nervous.) i guess i had some sort of blind faith, or as some may call it denial ,that it would all work itself out somehow. and i guess since i am typing this 14 years and 2 days later, it kind of has...

onto that day... my pains started about 11pm the night before. i was back at home living with my mom. it was a 2 bedroom home, so she redid part of the living room into a nursery for us. she worked at Innisbrook Country Club, graveyard shift. i had just finsihed a shift at the OG and had a visit to the clinic since i had begun to show signs of high blood pressure. they told me to take off work and put my feet up, yeah ok.... since my due date was the next day i thought to myslef that noone has their baby on their due date! ( again i did not read any books) so i let the pains go thinking it must be false labor and it will stop. but they didn't. still i did not call my mom, and could not call James since his partner Charlie had called me to tell me James was terribly sick with the flu, SO sick he was admitted into the hospital and on iv's. (great) so again my baby would not come now?!?! not on my due date, while me mom is at work and my coach is in the hospital. never... WRONG AGAIN! watched Arsenio Hall and then called my mom about 2 am. she had a 20 minute drive north to get me , then a 30 minute drive back south to get to the hospital in Tampa. *** another side note**** Mease Hospital was brand spankin' new, beautiful facilty, all private birthing rooms, also where James and I took our birthing classes. there was a hospital nearer my home, but it had the very well known reputation of giving women unnecessary C-sections to get more $!!! did NOT want to go there! did NOT want a C-Section if i could avoid it! so the deal then is, take your chances on driving to Tampa and if i were not in actice labor with immenent delivery, they could turn me aorund and send me on my way back to the rinky dink hospital with the bad rep. no thanks. this is all part of being uninsured they can refuse you if they feel you do not need to be there... so i had to be "sure" i was in labor.
we arrive there, my mom jokes to this day, she drove really fast, almost hoping to get pulled over so that we could get a police escort. given the time up and down, i guess we got to the hospital at 3am. i was timing my pains and they were only 3 minutes apart by the time we got there. i know this panicked my mom. (sorry mom) they wheeled me into triage to assess my condition. i had my records with me since i had only been seeing a clinic and no OB. they hooked me up to a blood pressure monitor and my blood pressure was 166/99. not good! i think i must have looked calm when wheeled in, and i do believe they figured i was in false labor until they saw my blood pressure, and from the time they got me into the room and onto the monitor i had already had 2 contractions, well let's just say they moved quick then! up to a room, IV magnesum sulfate to try and bring my blood pressure under control. i was pre eclamptic. i was swollen, if you touched my reflexes my leg shot out like a cannon. my mom thought i was doing that some how. no, my leg just shoots out like that! later find that hyper reflexes are a condition of pre eclampsia. now i had heard this term from the nurses at the clinic. but again i did not read books, i was never told that this actually meant i could storke out or have a seizure at any moment! found that out later. was only there a few hours, the nurse asked me if i had $600.00 for an epidural, or a credit card. i had neither. my mom looked at me and said "if you need it you can use mine " well "need" i don't know, i've never done this before!!!!! panic here... i also had the unfortunate dumb luck to have 9 months of morning sickness with Taylor , and being on medical assistance i did not recieve any meds that would help this. i lost weight most of my pregnancy. the sickness didn't end there, almost every contraction brought vomitting or heaves. (medical term, hyper emesis: meaning puke all the time) i had brought a boom box and my own tape, reggae music, the doc on call joked that i'd better deliver quick because he didn't want to have to listen to this music all day! heck deliver quick? yes please! make this stop!

truly we girls have all watched the patent delivery movie shown in health class in high school. propoganda! was the woman actually pregnant? appeared so, but she barely broke a sweat, she looked fresh as a daisy when she was done, this is not reality, and certainly not a good birth control method. if they had come and filmed my first or second delivery and shown either of those to high school girls who think sex is cool and having a baby might be cool too, they would ceratinly change their mind! i sure would have! back to the story...

now my mom has a heart condition and had recently had a heart attack so i did not want her under extra stress because of me and this delivery. she went out for a smoke break (yes heart condition and smoke break!) and i guess the nurse checked me and said get the doc!!!! so my mom says he passes her in the hallway , running and putting his booties on over his shoes and says"come on grandma! let's go!" now i had told the nurses not to let her in the room since i had now "lost it" and was yelling loudly from what i remember. the doc had asked if i knew what sex i was having, i said no it was a surprise. so he asked if i had names picked out and i said yes, Taylor for a girl and Evan for a boy... so no pain meds, and a few pushes later , voila "it's a Taylor!!!" he says. a baby girl. 10 fingers, 10 toes, no hair, perfect. so that is where it all began. Taylor Renee was born and i became a mom, or "momma" as i am coined now. it has not been an easy 14 years, but it was meant to be. all of it.

so ends my tales of birthing. NONE of my briths or pregnancies have been "textbook" (yes i have read a few now) ALL of mine have been difficult, in pregnany and in birth. i always say " I don't do it well" pregancy that is. but i did do it and survived to blog about it all. happily and gratefully so. today i am blessed with 3 very different, very unique, healthy children.

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