Friday, May 25, 2007

more Kellenish

i have previously posted on Kellen's funny language. as every mom knows, each toddler has their own. some kids are just well spoken off the bat and others have their funny little language that only a mom can decifer. translation of certain words can be frustrating for moms and kids alike. they are trying SO hard to tell you something and you are just NOT getting it. so they hold your hand so to speak, and say it over and over and with more volume til you guess right. then with much relief in their faces they look at you as if to say "yes mom! geesh you are slow!" i love Kellen's words and they are slowing disappearing, being replaced with correct english. what fun is that?? i hope he holds onto a few for a little longer, i love hearing them. one he is into right now is "afo-dado!!!!" translated this means "after while crocodile".. (DUH! obvious!) he ends every phone call this way. "see you later alligator" (that is clear )then "afo-dado" (reminds me of Rasta, the language of native Jamaicans. they condense words and so does Kellen. )

so, "AFO-DADO" everyone.

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