Sunday, May 13, 2007

my "momma"

today would not be complete without a post for my mom. she is strong, independent, smart woman, and i am a part of her. having moved here to Maine this past year was a move away from family and friends. my family has been disjointed for as long as i can remember. many rocky times, but good times too. my mom was there when i became a mom for the first time, and a single mom at that. she was the other parent for my baby girl, Taylor. i could not have done it without her then, and the same for now. she has a special bond with Taylor having been there for her birth and her early raising, but has grown to have a closeness with all of the kids. she is a great nanny , always willing to play and get dirty and silly. well after our move she decided she did not want to be seperated from us all, and also knowing some familial support would just be great! so she was willing and able to transfer and transport her life up here with us. not an easy task, but i am grateful for it all. so thank you mom, happy mother's day, i love you.

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Anonymous said...

This "Momma" can just say thank you to you and yours for your lovely post - I wouldn't be anywhere else. And the joy and gladness I feel everytime I share time with you and the kids reminds me that we ARE family and I am glad to be a part of yours. XOXO!!