Thursday, June 07, 2007

"what starts with m and ends with o????"

well according to my mom that is marshmello... she had us stumped since last i saw it was spelled marshmallow. but hey who cares! yummy sweet airy goodness to me and now Kellen's newest obsession. and if you ask him his riddle would be "what starts with s and ends s?" since his word for marshmallows is "smushmewows". he went to play at nanny's house yesterday for about an hour, she fed him dinner and then for a treat she pulled out the bag of marshmallows and handed him one. he had no idea what this was, so she showed him what to do with it by indulging in one herself. well one bite and he was hooked!

I found out the true extent of his addiction this morning when he woke and when asked what he would like for breakfast he replied "SMUSHMEWOWS! PEEEEES!" um what? "SMUSHMEWOWS!!!" oh no sorry Kellen not for breakfast and besides momma doesn't have any. (insert look of giant disapproval here) then later when told we were going to Wal-Mart to see nanny for her Children's Miracle Network cookout to get a hot dog, he promptly corrected me by saying "no momma, not wal-mart, we go nanny's house, nanny has smushmewows." well can you guess what we bought at

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