Tuesday, July 10, 2007

table for 2 !

a day away, just us two. the last time we did just us was before kellen was even conceived, so to say the LEAST we were overdue. jason planned it all. he picked the place, Camden. he picked the Inn. he arranged for my mom to stay with all 3 kids overnight. the thought of it was wonderful. i was counting the days. but when it actually arrived it was a lot harder than i ever would have thought. plus we are a comedy of errors or a traveling circus so to speak. therefore nothing ever goes so smooth for us. case in point: as we are packing and attempting to gather our stuff, and ourselves out the door, our carbon monoxide detector goes off for the second day in a row. (first time jason changed the battery) so call the company and they say "we can't help you ( shock) you have to call your local fire department." yep that is right, the big red truck, lights and all , parks out front and firefighter John comes in and checks out the house. no poisonous gases anywhere. great! thanks. ok now we have peace of mind that we are not leaving our children and their nanny to fall asleep & never to wake again from an odorless gas... again we say our goodbyes and solemnly leave. the drive is 2 hours and it is pouring rain . but about a half hour into the drive i feel myself relax. "this is ok. this is good." my inner voice says.
we pull up to our Inn, nice place centrally located. (note here*** it shares a parking lot with the local police department. this will come to play later in my story) we get checked in and get on our rain gear and head out. weather has never stopped us. we treck in and out of the neat shops, enjoy the harbor view and the salty smell. we stop and have a mug of clam chowder with a great soft biscuit at Cappy's Chowder House , then we share a lobster roll. bellies full we shop a bit and then head back to our room to relax and warm up and dry off. jason takes a nap and i enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted reading of a shiny new book i just bought downtown. (bliss) we decide to shower and go for dinner. here is where you all get a laugh on me. i head to the shower with the 2 complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner. i wash and rinse and then apply the conditioner. hmmmm feels strange, not slimy like most conditioners. now mind you i wear glasses, but not in the shower. so i grab the "conditioner" bottle and read the label... LOTION ! yes i covered my head in hand cream. brilliant! this gives me the giggles. a really good laugh at myself. so i wash my hair another 3 times to get out the hand lotion and we head out in search of a good meal. it is really raining now. we window shop all the restaurants and decide on The Waterfront, why? well because it is on the water! why not. seated on the covered and heated deck, we skip the fancy dinner plates and decide to share a combination of several appetizers. i love to do this. plus we order a fave of mine, raw oysters. jason is a raw oyster vrigin, or should i say was. he took the plunge and enjoyed them right along with me. don't they look yummy? it is nice just the 2 of us, we can have a real conversation. adult even! and relax, no stress, just nice.

after dinner we walk again , then stop back at Cappy's for dessert and coffee. return to our room and after lights out at about 11:30pm we were literally shocked by the police dept (***see note above) siren that truly sounded like a tornado warning you might here in the midwest! it was SO loud and SO shocking! i screamed out loud. then laughed again.

morning brought breakfast bagels, another walk, then home again where we were greeted by big smiles at the window and kellen exclaiming " I SURVIVED!!!!" (nanny coached him on this)

so did we.

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