Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Had visit from my Uncle Brad and Sue this week. this is their very first visit to anything this far north. therefore this was a bit too chilly for their taste. not the warm beaches of Deleware or Maryland they are used to. we drug them around to see the obligatory tourist items:

lighthouse- check
ocean - check
Portland- check
loster roll - check

By the end of this summer, and all of our "first timers" to Maine, I will have a lobter montage to post. Everyone smiling holding either a loster roll , or better yet neatly adorned with a lobster bib holding the whole darn lobster with the grin of "I am going to eat you my litte friend" on their face. I am NOT complaining in any way. lobster? bring it! so come one come all and smile for the camera!

thanks Brad and Sue it was great to see you, Kellen really seemed to enjoy doing puzzles with brad and playing kick ball with brad in nanny's yard.

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