Monday, July 23, 2007

Wild Things!

found a gem of a nursery nearby. just someone's home filled with every perrenial imagined. giant hostas, flowering coneflowers, butterflies, tiny little snails, a lily pond with little frogs. a fairy tale place, and on the honor system to boot! yes a little yellow box hangs above a sign telling the price scale of all pots with a note to please leave your $ in the box and thank you... i took all the kids today just to walk through the paths and see all the hidden little treasures. small hidden benches, and rocks shaped like mushrooms, one group of coneflowers were taller than Taylor and Casey put together. kind of like stepping into Alice and Wonderland. Rumor has it I may have found this place just in time. seems he cannot compete with large nurseries and stores, being so off the beaten path with only word of mouth advertising. so the owner will be plowing all this beauty under next year.

this bumper sticker was on the owner's truck:
"All things good are wild and free..." Henry David Thoreau


Maureen said...

very cool. glad you caught it this year...seems a shame it won't be there next year. It would be fun to see what's new each year.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic place. Eva would have loved those daisies (nice shot).