Saturday, August 11, 2007

night and day

they are as different as different can be. funny how you know they will be different, yet you are surprised by how much. 2 tosses of the dice with the gene pool. he blonde curly hair, dark blue eyes. she brown wavy hair and light amber brown eyes. he thin and tall, she short and a pudgey. nature versus nurture? well i would have to say nature since they are nurtured quite the same yet have become 2 totally different beings. Captain Cautious and Dangergirl! Kellen the thinker, always skeptical. even as a baby he would fuss or stare at someone not in his inner circle... never wanting to go to a new person, having to test them out first.. not casey , she throws herself headlong into everything. never thinking just doing. and at a fast pace. this causes many bruises and one broken tooth already and she is only 16 months old. we keep saying she will be our ER baby. broken bones and stitches are her destiny it seems, and kellen will be standing there saying " casey don't! that's danegrous! "

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