Sunday, August 26, 2007

so much fun, so many thanks

run dewey run!

couch taters

the "fore" musketeers
dewey and fonze
holding hands with a friend
kellen & jen

sunset in kennebunkport
mom-mom, pop-pop, & taylor

pop-pop makes an excellent pillow

splashing with pop-pop

playground fun
we just ended a whirlwind 10 day visitor spree. it was really wonderful to be busy and have family and good friends here to see us and the kids. we did so much: went to the lighthouse twice, walked the marginal way almost twice, ate seafood, cooked some nice meals together, played A LOT, took walks, shopped, flew a kite, had a night on the town in portland (ate like kings), initiated dewey to borat (sorry jen) , and even went under water in the ocean the first time this year! take my word, 57 degree water is COLD! it was the very first time to Maine for my dad and Dewey. thank you dad and judy, and jen and dewey. we know the trip is not an easy one, but it is so very appreciated.

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