Thursday, September 27, 2007

9-27-97 to 09-27-07

That is right people, Jason and I have been married double digits now. 10 whole years. I am certain quite a few people at TGIFridays have lost a bet long ago on the longevity of our union. We kind of did meet, move in, get married quite quickly for "normal" standards, but when have i been "normal"? I am sure a few thought it was a shotgun wedding. nope. or that'll last a year. nope again. not to say we have sailed smoothly into our 10th year. oh no. but friends we were in the beginning, and friends we are today. constant in our commitment to one another and our children. started out with 1 and added 2 along the way. we are blessed. we stand beside one another. we call eachother out when necessary and prop eachother up when needed.

thank you jason for these 10 years. I grew up never truly knowing of a functional family unit. but i hoped one day i would find that one person for me, and there you were. in red and white stripes and wow pins, a pony tail, then shaved head, working at TGIFridays. somewhere between expo and front bar and clean-up we fell in love.

you reminded me last night that 10 years ago i was mad because i had zits on my chin for our wedding day. that is funny. what i remember that day was a few funny things. waking up to find my hair appointment canceled, calling jen and having her find me a last minute appointment at the hair "salon" at the mall. getting my make up done by lisa bauer (one of your ex girlfriends) at the cosmetic counter at the mall. being all set to go to the hall in my dress and i brushed up against Shelley's car and got dirt ALL OVER the side of my wedding dress. jen and sandy doing damage control with wet paper towels... fast forward to getting to Locust St. and walking down and seeing you. all was in sync. i remember later watching the video of our ceremony and being surprised by the dog in the background yapping away the whole time. i never heard 1 bark while it was happening. then our reception. now that was a party! F U N ! DJ cooking all the good food and forgetting serving utencils (hard to serve stuffed shells with your hands), quimby's pretty cake that i never got 1 piece of since i was too busy dancing. your buddy sasso frech kissing everyone even me the bride right in front of you. and good ol keith poking jen in the unmentionables with a bottle of champagne. you smiling the whole night. all our family and friends having fun. driving back to our apartment with jen and tim cleveland to help carry all our gifts up our stairs. then jen hiding in our kitchen trying to reassemble what was left of our top layer of wedding cake that Tim had just demolished by dropping it on the way up our steps. and the next day on our way to Maine for our honeymoon and the beginning of our life together.

what a beautiful life at that.

today i was given a great gift. on our very frist anniversary jason gave me a pair of diamond earrings, modest for we were poor restaurant workers, but i loved them. i wore them practically every day for 9 years. over those years i have lost 1 here or there , in a towel, stuck in a sweater i pulled over my head, on the bathroom floor, and even once in a motel in Hardwick, VT where they found it in a towel and mailed it to me in PA. so no matter how many times i lost 1 , it would always come back to me somehow. well somehow til this year. i lost 1 for good. they are hanging on a wire, not posts, so easier to lose, and this time i did not find it. it made me so sad. they were so special to me. not extravagant in any way, but really meaningful and i felt like i was missing a part of me when i lost that earring. so yes, he found another set of these earrings from long past and gave them today as a gift. thank you. we danced on our wedding day to "Wonderful World" and that is what we have made for eachother. here's to us and all that is to come for us. I love you.


Moosler said...

Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work.

Just wondering who that dashing young fellow is in that picture with you. Does Jason know about this guy?

Vincent said...

What do you do in a hotel room at 4AM and you can't get to sleep - read K's blog. Thanks Kristin, I really enjoyed reading this.