Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the halls of high school

ahhh the halls of high school. i know many people look back on high school and cringe. not so for me. i LOVED high school. i did not appreciate it for what it was then and of course wanted it to end as quickly as possible because i was so grown-up and had better things to do, duh! but now i get to walk high school halls with my teenage daughter. now it is bitter sweet for sure. sweet memories of my high school fun and debauchery and bitter now worrying about all that high shcool brings with it for my daughter. will she look back fondly or will she be one who cringes at the thought? i hope she and i survive her high school years and can look back fondly together.

walking the halls like you owned them. the good ol' days.
Taylor, DJ, Katie & Cleta carrying on this tradition

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