Monday, September 24, 2007

last big one of 07'

we just returned from a week visit to PA. trip went well with the help of new dual dvd player to entertain 2 little travelers. it was a busy schedule of here to there and back again. i did learn a few things this week:

* my son grinds his teeth like a wild boar in his sleep (I did gain this knowledge through cozy nights sharing covers and pillows and holding hands with my little man, so i will take the grinding for the chance to do that anytime)
* sometimes your help isn't wanted
* no matter how hard you try, you NEVER arrive on time with 2 toddlers and all their gear (pack n play, porto potty, diaper bag, miscellaneous foods, bottles, toys, shoes, diapers,wipes, oh yeah clothes) in tow so you should NEVER give a time of arrival to anyone. maybe the thing to do is give them all a window like the cable company..."we will be there sometime between 8am and 4pm, please make sure you are available." :)
* 1 week is not nearly enough to fit it all in anymore

***but most important.... all is worth it for a chance for this...

seeing new things

sharing a good story


ticklesand a good game of hide and seek with a friend

thank you to
mom-mom, pop-pop, gammy,nana, paul, zdog, gwen, shannon, amy, mike, nona, patrick, cisco, kerry, avery, jen, dewey, nick, kristin, olivia, pat, al, lori and kathi & random nice lady in BK bathroom who helped me with casey while i held kellen on the big potty.

now it is time to hunker down for winter and retire our long distance traveling shoes til spring. but these nice memories will help keep us a bit warmer through the cold months

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Anonymous said...

I shall hold these memories dear to my heart FOREVER...thank you K. for sharing :-)