Sunday, September 30, 2007

watched a movie...

we never get to watch movies... but last night we tried a movie on demand, "We Are Marshall". highly reccomend it. the movie yes, the on demand part, NO! the movie a tear jerker, lump in throat, want to cheer from your couch movie. also another reason for the ladies to watch this football movie is it has Matthew McConaughey with his sweet curls and nice body in tight 70's polyester plaid pants.(yes!) as for the on demand "technology", that kept getting stuck and would unstick and skip parts of the movie so we would have to rewind....(ugh) but getting to my point, throughout this movie Matthew (coach) has a saying with his family...."What day is it?" and his kids loudly reply, "GAME DAY!!!!"

so casey what day is it? GAME DAY! Go Steelers

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