Monday, October 08, 2007

Mr Mark, Sausage King

We were lucky to score an invite to Oslerwusrt 07' at our friends the Olsers' home in MA this past Saturday. It was a bounty of homemade sausages that I am too ignorant to name by proper names.. A Bratwurst of course and kielbasa were a staple, the mole sausage that i heard so much about from the year before, but also a thai and an african variety if i am not mistaken. i may not know the names but what i can say for sure is that they were yummy. all hand crafted by Mr. Mark himself and carefully grilled to perfection. served alongside many traditional German side dishes and ended with a great selection of desserts from apple pie to pumpkin bunt cake. not only was it a great day of putting on the old feed bag, but a chance to get to see friends from PA, the LTZ Hollands, and Pat & Pat, and meet many of Mark's family and friends as well. It was a very nice time. Many props to Maureen, Mark and Andrew our hosts with the most.

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