Thursday, October 11, 2007

what I have been missing

this post is a sort of public service to any who read it. I have always been a bit confused by apples. so many different varieties. which are best for baking? snacking? most times i stick with my old standbys McIntosh or red delicious. but many times i am more than disappointed with what i bring home from the store or market. the season being fall, many blogs are commenting and posting pictures from apple picking adventures and what they like best. i stumbled upon a post under a photo of honey crisp apples. one referring to this as "apple crack" and how they would pay almost any amount asked for these apples. under the same post were alot of "amen!" & "honey crisps rock!" comments. i felt like i was let in on a secret club. so today i had a few items to pick up and i thought i'd see if my local store had any "apple crack" for sale. i picked up 4 and headed home. still skeptical. could this be the very best apple ever and why did i never hear of this before??? well let me tell you, i may have been lucky and just got 4 perfectly ripe honey crisps, but they do live up to the hype! really really crisp and sweet and the perfect texture. so go now! get some honeycrisps and see what you think, or maybe you all knew this and i am the last one in on this little secret...

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