Wednesday, November 14, 2007

calling all cool hip lonely mommas

was reading a favorite blog today and her post on "the company of women". all i have to say is amen to that! i love my husband he is a generous and loving man. a good father and friend. but who gets you more than your best girls? not many. why do those bonds run so deep they can hurt when missed. being away from my comfort zone again is hard. being home with my children is a wonderful gift but isolating. and now even with a part time "job" it is so hard to bridge that friend gap with anyone new. do you only get so many friends in a life? why does life get in the way? why is it so hard to feel at ease with someone new? do we give off this needy aura that scares new friends off with an "oh no here she comes!" that is how i feel a lot. i have nice qualities and would love to share them with a new friend. i am not footloose and fancy free and i am no longer the nice polished product i may have once been pre-momma self that is certain. i did have my very first playdate since having moved here 1 full year ago! a woman i met at work who just moved here too from even further away. she shares casey's birthday, yes april fools day! and has a 15 month old daughter who came along as well. it was nice, awkward, but nice. nice for someone to knock on my door for me. i hope i don't scare her off.

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Reen said...

I hear you, sister. Kudos for trying!