Monday, November 19, 2007

just us, and some finger paints

most days i feel very torn. i did so much one on one with kellen his first year plus, then along came casey and his little world went ary. now not only does he have to share toys, and snacks and crayons, he has to share me. i never feel like i give either of the 2 little ones enough 1 on 1. (this is of course having to also split with a teenager as well, but most daytimes she is in high school so i worry about my time with 2) how do you fit it in when the other wants you, or 1 is tugging at your leg, or crying "mommy! mommy ! mommy!"??? someone is always left out or disappointed or forced into doing an activity that they'd rather not. every now and then you pull it off, if only in a small way, but it feels good. today we all had lunch together, then i got casey in for her nap,then kellen and i opened some brand new finger paints and just had fun making messes, or art. it was nice.

such great concentration

tah dah! masterpiece i think, don't you?

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Nana xoxo said...

Excellent job, Kellen...reminds me of your Daddy when he was little...ILY