Wednesday, January 23, 2008

constant motion

that's him, constant motion. run run run faster faster! dance, hop, jump! not a wonder he no longer has a speck of baby fat on him. tall, lean, angular even. jawbone and cheekbones and collarbones. 6 pack, no crunches necessary. although at times he is so serious and senstive, other times something takes over. a beat in a song and all of a sudden he is up from his seat dancing wildy, all arms and legs, bending over smacking his own butt while looking through his legs, almost losing balance and falling flat on his face. i watched him last night, thinking to myself when does it go away? when it is no longer ok to just jump up wherever you are and start dancing like a boy possessed? i love music and to dance, but i know he too will lose this unabashed freedom to whirl and twirl and it makes me sad. today was a free for all on my bed. jump jump jump, SPIN! jump jump jump, KICK! go kellen go.

then still.
i see the man in the
boy here

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