Thursday, January 10, 2008

why i have gray hair

yes i am getting OLDER, but take a peek at a few pictures just from today and maybe you can see why i am sprouting grays at an alarming rate.

first shot is Casey on top of our dining room table. i was checking my mail and she pulled out a chair and climbed up all on her own and this is where i find her. can you say cracked skull? i can.

now we move onto nap time today. i always put casey in first then proceed to get kellen all situated in his room. today he was quiet as a mouse but she would not stop yelling and jumping and chanting "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" so i went to see if she had dropped her nuk or puppy and to tuck her back in again. this is how i find her...

yes completely NAKED!
you can even see her diaper there on the floor where she so nicely threw it. luckily for me it was only a wet one or she would have officially become a poo flinger today!
(deep sighs)

a face only a momma could love!

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