Wednesday, February 06, 2008

$8 goodness

rainy, chilled day. tired of cueing up every episode of Wubzie on the computer and/or tv. piled into the minivan on a mission to The Salvation Army. not the coolest consignment shop, no most things need some sprucing up after you get them home. diamonds in the rough, so to speak (real rough) but somedays you can get lucky and they have the cheapest kids books ever! i cannot pass up cheap books, especially kids's books.. they are all bright and colorful like a box of crayons... love them. maybe a bit tattered or torn, but that just means they were loved by some other set of chubby little hands and now are free to be loved by my chubby hand people... another incentive to go today was Wednesday is HALF PRICE DAY... half price on practically nothing is what??? AWESOME, that's what! cool new rain boots for Kellen, 2 colors to choose from , he went with the shiny purple, why not?!?! a bracelet for Casey. a set of 2 big yellow and pink plastic boats for the bathtub. and get this they couple up like trains, BONUS! and then the books, ahhhhh the books. hard bound or board books 2 for 50 cents , and paperbacks 2 for 25 cents! i think we came home with 22 "new to us" books. a full bag of new treasures for $8.00. a little rainy day therapy.

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