Sunday, February 24, 2008

"WHOLE" lot of trouble!

made our first trip to the new mega Whole Foods Market in Portland. mind you this has been open a full year and i have not been there til today. what, i ask you, is wrong with me? why have i waited SO long? all i can say is i am now in a "Whole" lotta trouble! (haha) it is gorgeous. a pleasure at every turn. i was like a little kid. "ooooh look at this! wow look at that. holy crap they have that here?? " oh my, and a cafe to sit and eat at with live music! (today was jazz) capital T R O U B L E. the most colorful porduce, stacked in incredible ways, wines, meat cases i could spend days alone at, a bakery ahhh let me count the ways i can do damage there...1-cupcakes with icing as thick as the cake. 2-crusty olive bread. 3- chocolate croissants. yep that was today alone. marketing and food styling geniuses! truly. i wanted it and i didn't even know what half of "it" was. if you can get there, go. go now!


Reen said...

So jealous. I love Whole Foods! Haven't lived near one since 2000.

kristin said...

i had never been! can you believe that? jen is a huge fan of the one in philly. i may need a second job to support my new habit!