Monday, March 17, 2008

everyday ordinary love

she can make every day a little brighter. it makes my heart want to burst sometimes... on one hand she can be so opinionated and strong willed but then she pulls out a face of utter surprise at seeing her own silly relfection in a mirror and i melt. today as i gaze at her she is all Casey; a bit of a runny nose shiny on her face, blue smushed fruit snacks stuck to her hand~me~down shirt and side of her cheek, pink camo pants, hair all tossled and messy, chattering away in her loud high pitched toddler speak that somedays only she understands (and maybe dog a few miles away), playing music with the dirty dog bowl and a pen she shouldn't have. yep 100% pure Casey.


natala said...

She is adorable :)

Melissa B said...

Love the picture and the expression on her face. Kids really are the greatest!