Monday, March 10, 2008

ooooh new toys!!!!!

did i mention jason got me a holga for my birthday??? a what? holga. a cheapo plastic camera (yes made in China) but this cheapo "toy camera" takes pics like this, and this. how can that be bad? yes this baby has a bit of a cult following in the photo world. known for its light leaks which you would assume to be a bad thing, but that is what gives each holga a unique fingerprint so to speak. each is different. you may get cool color effects, or vignette, or blurs, or even double exposures. no telling. we went out on sunday and i took a roll (12 exposures) of FILM! yes film people. so now i have to wait for it to be, get this... DEVELOPED! ahhhhhh. can't wait. i'll get back to ya on how it goes... and if that was not enough Pa brought me 2 new (new to me) toys. I'll post more on those later.***** thank you Pa.


Eve said...

Wow- I've never heard of those, but the photos almost look like paintings - so unique!

I read your comment on Shutter Sisters about my blog- thank you so much for that. I'm honoured!:)
What a great site they have there, don't they? I'm just in awe of all of you photographers, and your abilities to capture such beauty and emotion in your pictures.

kristin said...

thanks you are what started me on this fun path and as for "photographer" yes they are talented. i am just a point and shoot mom, but i do love the camera and i love love love that site. so many inspirations and ideas to learn from. and a great place to share with everyone no matter what your skill level. thanks eve!