Thursday, March 20, 2008

things i am looking forward to, and some things i'm not.

seeing color outdoors~ ever so tired of winter's monochromatic pallete
digging in the dirt
SPRING! and with spring brings VISITORS
finding health
being able to hop up off the floor without looking like i am 80
Tuesdays @ Wildroot Farm and my CSA membership!!!!!!!!
playing with my holga and nikkormat
making a trip to PA to see fam and friends
Sea Dogs

things i am NOT
my mammogram (yeah i SO want to be a dude these days)
not being able to run and play and throw babies over my head for awhile post surgeries
moving (mostly packing and unpacking; the move itself is a positive)
seeing my mom leave


Pumpkinmama said...

Sounds like some big changes coming your way - hope things go well.

And if spring doesn't arrive here soon I'm gonna go batty too.

kristin said...

yes, but change is good right?