Thursday, March 13, 2008

wedding day Feb 11, 1945

wedding day Feb 11, 1945
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another for Nana. here holding the arm of her new husband on their wedding day in England. Nana was a war bride, met and married her American, Allen. left her home and large family (8 brothers and sisters) to come join his family in America and build a life together in Vermont. (she was the only one in her family to leave England) Allen looking dapper in his Army uniform and Nana in a smart suit. no fancy dress since she told me it was war time and everything was rationed. i never met Allen , he having passed long before i ever met my husband, but Nana at 90 thrives on and loves passing on her memories of her life in England, the war they endured, their love story, and her great love and joy of her family here in the states and her family in England.

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World War II War Brides Association said...

I wish I knew your Nana's name so I can add her to my list of WWII War Brides. I see that her first name is Phyllis, but what is her maiden name and last name. I have a collection of stories on my website devoted to these wonderful ladies. I would like to add her's.