Wednesday, April 09, 2008


something old

something new

something borrowed
something blue

have my hands full in a good way. old cameras are romantic to me. each hold a story, an allure. things they have seen i will never know. secrets that i have yet to unlock but will have lots of fun trying.

a little history: the strap is my father in law's, "VAZ" etched on it. this very strap from his days in Vietnam, i am honored he would share it with me. and the holga, my birthday gift. fun effects, blurs and light leaks and printed on 5x5 matte prints. a shiny blue polaroid i scooped up at a local Salvation Army, nostalgia in my hands. trick there will be finding film, for Polaroid is no longer (sigh). the nikon and nikormat, both on loan to tinker and manipulate. now if only i could stimulate my brian cells on f stops and apeture and speeds... thank you to all who have given these gifts to me. i will do my best with them.


PumpkinMama said...

...and now I see you knew that about the film already! hee.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said. It's why I love TTV photo taking. Gives the pictures a very old feel and story.