Thursday, April 03, 2008

hello there gorgeous!

hello there gorgeous!
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old man winter can kiss my lily white, chapped, wind burned, frost bitten "BEEP!" i saw flowers today. outside! growing out of the frozen earth! i am pretty sure i squealed out loud like an 8th grade girl. then i threw myself on the sidewalk, right there next to them, and snapped a lot of pictures just to have proof. take that winter! i am sticking my internet tongue out at you!!!!

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Miranda said...

Dear Kristin,

I enjoyed perusing your blog--and can certainly relate to being more than a little ready for spring! I thought you might be interested in participating in a group blog where creative mothers support each other through the challenges of making art while being Mom. Would love to have your perspective as a photographer, as most of us are writers. Visit us at Hope to see you there!

All best,