Friday, April 18, 2008

how to spell Casey..... T R O U B L E

this is my day in pictures.... i hear some little person dragging a piece of furniture. i grab camera, turn it on, i am armed and ready. i round a corner and there she stands, hands into something she should have them in. she doesn't hear me at first. i can snap one unnoticed, then she spies me and squeals her signature squeal; a high pitched mix of joy, excitement, naughty, and oops she caught me! she giggles so hard she almost falls from her perch, tongue sticking out the whole time, gapped tooth grin, fiesty. oh we are in so much trouble with this one! smart, cunning, determined, spirited, opinionated, confident, willed, sweet and darn cute all smushed into one tiny power packed package. she is all herself, and all 2, and all ours for as long as she'll allow it.

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