Tuesday, April 08, 2008


my big girl has her very first official interview today for her very first official (summer) job. i have butterflies thinking about it , i imagine she must be equally nervous. she will be turning 15 in a month and living in a "vacation" town there are seasonal opportunites geared toward the young working pool. i hope it goes well for her. i want her to get this maybe even a little more than she. i know the value a job can bring to a young person. i remember mine SO well and to this day can run into those people i worked with, and under, and they still remember me and we can talk like it was just yesterday, yesterday 17 years ago... :) the freedom and pride i had coming home from a good night at work, no longer begging money off my parents, it was mine and i earned it, i wat her to come away with the same feeling, the same power. she needs this boost, teenagerhood has not been a smooth ride thus far and i am hoping this might smooth out a few of the waves. push her into responsibilty in a positive way, show her she can do things and do them well. i am sending out a little prayer for her today, good luck honey! go get em!

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Anonymous said...

You are a very brave and very good Mamma. I have such a horrible time letting go.
She will have a wonderful time, I'm sure!